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Bitcoin Cash

Fordcoin brings a sound currency to the world, realizing the original intention of Bitcoin as a "point-to-point e-cash". Bring a low-cost and reliable way to collect and pay for businesses and users. Its unlimited growth potential, global applications, innovative ways of payment without permission, and de-centralized development are all destined to have a bright future.

Have the safest privacy, protect your financial information. Anonymous sending function ensures the privacy of your financial activity records and financial balance information.

FordCoin are created for speed, privacy and security. FordCoin has made great technological innovation and upgrading from speediness, security and privacy to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is prone to network congestion due to transaction speed problems, which leads to transfer delays and greatly affects the faster circulation speed worldwide. FordCoin has achieved perfect upgrade on the basis of Bitcoin technology and integrated into lightning trading. The transfer speed is 10 times faster than Bitcoin. FordCoin, also known as Black Hole Coin, is the first black hole technology introduced in the world. Bitcoin can be traced up by address, which can easily expose privacy and account security. FordCoin is introduced.The world's first innovative black hole technology, address can not be traced upwards, the ultimate protection of user account privacy and financial security.

Reading White Paper

The first white paper was published on October 31, 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the world's first anonymous creator of digitally encrypted currencies. The Bitcoin White Paper is titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. The FordCoin aims to continue this vision of creating a sound currency for the world.

Reading White Paper

Under the background of the rapid development of digital assets, while block chain technology continues to develop, we would like to create a digital currency that is closely related to our lives and has far-reaching significance, so that it can spread its own value on the Internet like gold, so that integrity can also be spread on the Internet forever. The cross-border currency team of skilled technicians with rich experience in block chains and digital currency development is guided by the concept of "Let everyone participate in the block chain digital currency". Fordcoin, developed with the most advanced block chain technology, strives to make it a real mobile value asset on the Internet. We have not only made significant technological innovations, but also enriched Fordcoin's value system. We will strive to provide every user with fully attractive mining benefits, project extension benefits, and build a complete business ecosystem chain to truly enhance their business value and wealth creation capabilities. Realize the closed-loop circulation of Fordcoin business, strive to bring different value experience to users.


Second-order transactions are completed within one minute.


Smooth network operation.


Transfer money around the world.


Easy to use, no trouble.


A payment system is also a Practice-Tested way of preserving value.


The most powerful block chain technology in the world.